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Enjoying a lingerie shopping journey...

You have decided to give her the unforgettable gift of luxury lingerie, and are now on the hunt for the perfect set to make her feel beautiful, sexy and intoxicatingly desired by you. However, with such an overwhelming array of choice out there, we’re not surprised you don’t know how to start looking! So we’re here for you gents; just follow our simple and stress-free guide to success.

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Find out her size

Getting her size right is the most important step, so detective work is a must! And don’t forget your magnifying glass - those sizing labels can be tiny! There are two parts to a woman’s bra size; - a number (e.g 36) - and a letter (e.g C or D) The model in the picture is 34B. Her bras might have UK or European sizing, so click here for a size conversion chart. The size of the brief is also important but luckily easier! Most styles come in an S-M-L-XL range. If you’re sorting through her intimates and are coming across a variety of sizes, go with the most frequent: M.

Match her style

Now for the fun part! Think about what she usually wears, is there a colour she doesn’t have? Or a style she has always wanted to try? Get creative! However, if there is a particular style of bra she favours we suggest you stick to it and experiment with some exciting colours instead. This goes for briefs as well, you might want her to try a sexy g-string, but if she only wears bikini briefs, it might make her uncomfortable. The key to buying sexy lingerie she will forever love, is to shop for her, not for you, if you still can't decide, give as a call at 0844 244 9696 we can take you to a safe choice.

The safe option

If you are still unsure or don’t know her size, you can't go wrong with this set. This short babydoll comes in a simple S-XL size range and is not bra size specific, just click the image to do your shopping (all the same, she will always have the choice to exchange it) - the ultimate stress-free gift!. Still not happy or don't have time for this? Cherry Blushes offers a free consultation service to assist you in selecting the perfect gift, just click here and let us know what you have in mind including a budget you want to stay on, then we will contact you within 24 hours with appropriate suggestions, It doesn’t get easier than that!

Luxury Packaging

All pieces are delicately made, beautifully wrapped in tissue paper in a luxury box and gently shipped. The outer packaging is unbranded and discrete.

Too complicated?

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